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Captain_BeyondWelcome aboard Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole, a portal in time to a place where sailing the cosmic seas of four channel sonic endeavors can be experienced once again. This website is devoted to matters concerning legacy quadraphonic music from the 1970’s. This would include documents, equipment, legacy releases, formats, history and any other notions of a quadraphonic nature. Respectfully  with your help and hopefully your contributions this site could become a repository of all things quad. So let’s hoist the mainsail. Forward into the past!

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Survey Says….

Offered for your perusal are the results from the September 16th survey ‘What Do You Think About It?’. I want to thank all those who participated and took the time to answer the questions.

How would you describe your visits to CBQW?                                                                     79%  I visit the site regularly and follow via email alerts                                                              18%  I rarely visit the site but do follow via email alerts                                                                3%  I rarely visit the site and do not follow

What do you think about the mix of artist and musical styles released on CBQW?

100% The titles offered are a good mix of styles and artist representing most genres                       The titles offered are boring and of little interest to me

How do you feel about donating for the titles released on CBQW?                                      97%  I don’t mind donating for releases and supporting CBQW                                                    3%  I think the releases should be free and hesitate to donate

Describe the status of your quad collection                                                                                  3% I already have all the quad titles that interest me                                                                  97% I am adding to my quad collection and seeking additional titles

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Paul Kantner Grace Slick – Sunfighter

Paul Kantner Grace Slick - Sunfighter CB113 front


Recorded at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco and distributed by RCA ‘Sunfighter’ was the second album released on Jefferson Airplane’s own vanity label Grunt . ‘Bark’ being the first release in September followed by ‘Sunfighter’ in November and ‘Papa John Creach’ in December of 1971. All available in quad 8 cartridge. Many prominent bay area musicians appear on this album including Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, Graham Nash and The Tower of Power horns. As you may have guessed the infant pictured on the cover is the daughter of Grace Slick and Paul Kantner, China Wing Kantner who turned 46 this past January. Included for your reference and pleasure is the Libretto Booklet originally packaged with the vinyl LP.

I have wanted to post this album for several years now but only had a Q8 which was slightly damaged. Have been looking for a better copy for a long time now but none have become available so I decided to release this as is. The tape is damaged and will appear here with two spots of slight distortion. If you can not accept anything less than perfection then I suggest you avoid this release.    Enjoy     CB



Source: Q8


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Helen Reddy – Long Hard Climb

Helen Reddy - Long Hard Climb CB112 front


Released by Capitol in 1973 ‘Long Hard Climb’ stayed on the charts for fourty-three weeks and peaked at number eight. Two singles were released ‘Delta Dawn’ which reached number one and ‘Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)’ which peaked at number three.  Later that year the album was certified gold by the RIAA for sales of 500,000 copies. This is the other quad Helen Reddy tape.  Enjoy   CB



Source: Q8


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Poco – Seven

Poco - Seven CB111 front


Recorded at RCA studios in Hollywood and released in 1974 ‘Seven’ is the sixth studio album by Poco and seventh overall when including their live album Deliverin’. It is their first album released after the departure of founding member Richie Furay. The front cover was designed by Phil Hartman, brother of Poco’s manager John Hartmann, who as a graphic artist also designed covers for the band America.

Jim Messina makes an appearance playing mandolin on ‘Rocky Mountain Breakdown’. Burton Cummings appears on piano and Bobbye Hall adds congas. Do you know how many songs she has appeared on that reached the top ten? That would be twenty-two with six of those reaching number one. What a musician what a career!

This album was not the commercial monster Poco would have hoped for. They would have to wait until 1978 with the release of  ‘Legend’ to achieve their career zenith.       Enjoy    CB



Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix+’


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Grand Funk – We’re An American Band

Grand Funk - We're An American Band CB102 front 2

Released in 1973 ‘We’re An American Band’ was Grand Funk’s seventh studio album and the first produced by Todd Rundgren. The LP was certified gold a little over a month after release and contained two hit singles ‘We’re An American Band’ and ‘Walk Like A Man’. The track order of the Q8 is slightly altered from the original vinyl release.  Enjoy    CB



Source: Q8


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September 2017 Review

Greetings fellow quad enthusiast. I would like to offer you, the members of this group, a monthly review of activity here on Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole. Hopefully this will provide insight to what was most popular for the month and indicate the traffic on the site. So without further ado I present you the statistics.

Visitors:         402

Comments:     10

Post:                   6

Views:          1880

Top 5 Titles Viewed:     

(39) Chuck Berry – The London Chuck Berry Sessions

(25) Carpenters – Close To You

(22) Helen Reddy – I Am Woman

(18) Grand Funk – Shinin’ On

(15) Shirley Bassey – Never, Never, Never

Top 5 Countries by Views:

(1072) United States

(229) Canada

(113) Hungary

(110) United Kingdom

(81) Germany


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Carpenters – Close To You

Carpenters - Close To You CB109 front

Carpenters second studio album ‘Close To You’ was released in 1970 on A&M records. The LP peaked at #2 on Billboard’s album chart. Their breakthrough hit ‘(They Long to Be) Close to You’, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was their first gold record. Recorded with instrumental backing by L.A. studio musicians from the Wrecking Crew the song topped the charts for four weeks.. This album also contains their second gold record ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’, considered their signature song, as well as a cover of The Beatles song ‘Help!’. The brother sister duo won three Grammy awards during their career. Richard revealed Karen and he decided on the name Carpenters without a ‘the’ because at the time it was hip and taking clues from other groups such as Cream and Bread.    Enjoy    CB



Source: Q8


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What Do You Think About It?

Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole celebrated its one year anniversary last month on the 25th.  At that time I considered releasing a ‘State of the Blog’ report. However I would like to get some feedback from you folks first. Please take a moment to answer a few poll questions below. Your feedback and comments are most welcome. Thank you for your time.   Captain Beyond



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Jimmy Witherspoon – Love Is a Five Letter Word

Jimmy Witherspoon - Love Is A Five Letter Word CB108 front

That’s funny…  I thought love was just a four letter word…   Jimmy Witherspoon’s career spanned six decades from the 1940’s through the 1990’s. His style of blues was known then as ‘blues shouter’. His first big hit was ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business’ and that became regarded as his signature song. He performed frequently in the UK during the 60’s.

Styles evolve and so did Witherspoon. In 1971 he teamed up with Eric Burdon for the album ‘Guilty’. He traveled to London in 1974 to record ‘Love Is a Five Letter Word’ with British blues producer Mike Vernon. Recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios in Oxfordshire, England this album was released in 1975 on the Capitol/Far Out label. Witherspoon also had a few acting roles in movies, one playing Trucker a traveling  gun-collecting blues singer in the 1995 film ‘Georgia’.  Cartridge provided by quad enthusiast and Wormhole supporter Simon A. and we thank him for his generosity.      Enjoy     CB



Source: Q8


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Shirley Bassey – Never, Never, Never

Shirley Bassey - Never, Never, Never CB107 front


Released in 1973 during her career revival ‘Never, Never, Never’ was Shirley Bassey’s 18th album. It peaked at #10 on the Billboard top 200 and earned a silver disc. The single ‘Never, Never, Never’ placed on three US charts and  #3 on the UK charts. You will notice some tape print-through on this release, however the artist performance more than compensates for this undesirable effect. What a voice, what a Diva!  Enjoy     CB



Source: Q8


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