Greetings Fellow Travelers

Captain_BeyondWelcome aboard Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole, a portal in time to a place where sailing the cosmic seas of four channel sonic endeavors can be experienced once again. This website is devoted to matters concerning legacy quadraphonic music from the 1970’s. This would include documents, equipment, legacy releases, formats, history and any other notions of a quadraphonic nature. Respectfully  with your help and hopefully your contributions this site could become a repository of all things quad. So let’s hoist the mainsail. Forward into the past!

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12 Responses to Greetings Fellow Travelers

  1. bigbillquad says:

    ‘Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole ‘ Great new blog, You have taken that one step further and committed to the restoration of these wonderful Quadraphonic marvills. I would like to contribute to the cause in the very near future if that is possible Bill…

    • Welcome aboard bigbillquad and thank you for your comment. Yes the mission of CBQW is the preservation of quadraphonic music focusing on magnetic media and the occasional CD-4. With contributions and support from like minded enthusiast such as yourself hopefully we can meet that goal.

  2. gleeksmirt7 says:

    Congrats, Captain! I’m really looking forward to your new blog. You post some awesome stuff!

  3. birdycat19 says:

    Congtrats on the new blog, Cap’n! Count me in as a supporter!

  4. lonky53 says:

    I have enjoyed your past contributions to Dreaming Spires,and look forward to your new project.Good Luck

  5. Thank you for checking in Owen. Glad your notifications are working as they should. The Captain is sure to hit a few swells on this maiden voyage but nothing that can’t be overcome.

  6. Owen Smith says:

    Just checking in to say hello. At least my wordpress following of the blog is working, it’s emailing me when posts and comments go up. So, let’s set sail on this new part of the Captain’s voyage ino quad!

  7. Thanks Steve for your reply and interest in the Captain’s Wormhole. I agree with you and also hope surround sound will always be with us and around us. The upcoming ‘Tales From Topographic Oceans’ you mention appears to be slated for release in September. Wow from what I read it appears to be a 4-disc Blu-Ray set featuring a 5.1 PCM Surround Sound (24bit/96khz) and in DTS-HD MA 5.1 (24bit/96khz) plus a Hi-res (24bit/96khz) 2016 stereo mix. Other goodies & oddities too. Yes is such a positive word.

  8. SteveTuznik says:

    Congratulations on your new blog! I love everything quadraphonic and multi-channel. It will be good to hear information new or old in this format that I hope never really goes away. I’ll check back for words of wisdom from you and anyone else that checks in.
    As far as new releases, this is one that I am quite excited about. I’ve played this one plenty over the years and is one of my favorites:

    Steven Wilson’s 2016 remixes of Tales From Topographic Oceans are available for pre-order now.

    YES – Tales From Topographic Oceans 2016 – sampler of new Steven Wilson Mixes by Yes

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