Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends

Joe Cocker - With A Little Hellp From My Friends CB067 front

Joe Cocker’s debut album released in 1969 contains a defining cover of the Dave Mason/Traffic song ‘Feelin’ Alright’. Also includes the ever popular Lennon/McCartney tune from Sgt. Pepper’s as the title track. Both performed in Cocker’s unique style. The song that stood out for the Captain was the cover of Nina Simone’s ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ with the most recognized cover probably being The Animals version. Some incredible talent performed on this album. Just to name a few how about Jimmy Page, Albert Lee and Steve Winwood. The original quadraphonic cartridge  altered the track order from the LP swapping ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ with ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’.  Enjoy CB


Release: CB067

Source: Q8



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14 Responses to Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Owen Smith says:

    What a great quad mix this is, as others have said. Very dynamic, and remember this is from a Q8. I love the music here too. The only sign of Q8 foibles is a bit of tape hiss in the intros to some songs. Great stuff!

  2. In response to what Bruce & jpfunk have said about the mix I have this to say. It does seem that the producers, engineers and those responsible 40+ years ago got this one right.The Captain concurs that this does jump right out of the speakers at you with an amazing sonic force. They did a great job!

  3. jaypfunk says:

    Like Bruce said Feelin’ Alright jumps right out at you. Love the percussion and other instruments in the rear speakers. This has really great discreet separation. I have always preferred the 2nd JC album but I now have a new appreciation for this one because of the quad.
    Thanks again Mr Captain!

  4. Bruce says:

    Feelin’ Alright literally jumps out of the speakers. Great job!

  5. Tony McGeachin says:

    Hi there Captain, looking forward to what the future may bring with your new blog and the many surprises to come. Thank you.

  6. Unfortunately I HATE Joe Cocker but I will be a regular at the quad watering hole, I promise. Very best to a great music patron.

  7. Gul Dukat says:

    Wonderful. Thanks in advance for all may come

  8. admsh says:

    So awesome!!! The sound of this one is absolutely amazing, beats all of my expectations. Thank you so much for this!

  9. jaypfunk says:

    Awesome. Looking FWD to all the great you have planned.

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