Ike & Tina Turner – Live At Carnegie Hall

Ike & Tina Turner - Live At Carnegie Hall CB069 front

Released in 1971 the double album ‘What You Hear is What You Get: Live at Carnegie Hall’ reached No.25 in the Billboard 200. It was Ike and Tina Turner’s highest charting US album. The IATT Review performed a doubleheader at the Hall on April 1st with a 7:30 PM show followed by an 11 o’clock concert that carried on into the early hours of April 2nd. It would seem a challenge to capture the raw energy and excitement of their performance however this double Q8 comes respectably close. Enjoy CB


Release: CB069

Source: Q8


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10 Responses to Ike & Tina Turner – Live At Carnegie Hall

  1. jaypfunk says:

    Finally got around to this one. Really great sound that fills the room and while not totally discrete it still has some really cool stuff going on in the mix.

  2. Bruce & Owen you fellows have pointed out something we at times overlook in our quad frenzy. Just maybe sometimes it is not about quad but about the music, the artist, the performance or even the showmanship. This Q8 falls into that category. What a heck of a show this was and as you guys said… man can Tina belt one out.

    • Owen Smith says:

      How true this is. I listen to David Mellor’s program on Classic FM (UK radio station), two hours each Sunday evening while I’m having dinner. If he’s discussing a particular piece of music and the best performance happens to be from the 1930s or 1950s he will quite happily play it. He has occasionally gone further back and played 1920s stuff and once a wax cylinder (only known recording of a Castrato Tenor). It is sometimes all about the performance. The most recent case was Sir Thomas Beecham conducting Grieg’s Symphony No. 1 in a radio broadcast from London, where it was arranged Grieg (as a very old man) would be listening to it at home on his radio. The performance is absolutely electrifying, despite the 1950ish recording technology. Another I recall is Rostropovich playing the Dvorak cello concerto with a soviet orchestra at the proms live in the Albert Hall at the time soviet tanks were rolling into Prague. The audience heckled and wouldn’t let them start, Rostropich appealed to the audience and finally got them to quieten down. At which point Rostropovich and the orchestra gave a scintillating performance, you could hear a pin drop if it weren’t for the tape hiss. A friend’s wife was in the audience that night, she says the recording doesn’t do it justice but it is all we have. It doesn’t show tears rolling down Rostropovich’s cheeks as he played for example.

  3. Owen Smith says:

    This is great fun. Not the best sonically, the Q8 has a bit of tape hiss and there is background mains hum in the PA at the concert at times. But boy what a performance, a tremendous concert and I would have loved to have been there. As others have said, not the most discrete like most quad live albums, but it does give an excellent impression of being there. And as someone else has said, Tina’s voice is tremendous showing what she could do live.

  4. This was a fun listen. Typical of live recordings, it isn’t very discrete, but it does give a great live feel to your room. Also typical, when everyone starts playing and it gets loud, it loses the dynamics and just isn’t as interesting. But the rip was great! And man could Tina sing. Thanks so much for posting this.

  5. Didn’t even know this recording existed in quad – thanx

  6. jaypfunk says:

    Hell yes. Nice one. I think I may have requested this one a while back.

    • Yes it was a while back for sure. August 30th 2015 to be exact. Somehow it got buried in the shuffle but here it is now. Request may seem overlooked at times but with patience they will surface. Even after a year 🙂

  7. oxforddickie says:

    WOW! This certainly came out of knowhere, should be an interesting listen.

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