Joan Baez – Hits/Greatest & Others



Joan Baez - Hits Greatest and Others CB070 front

Released in 1973 this compilation album was put out by Vanguard two years after Baez had moved over to A&M. It contains the most successful cover of The Band’s ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’. This version reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned Joan a gold record. I think my favorite cut here is ‘Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word’. Now tell me how can you top mixing a sitar with country music. Interestingly this album was released in several formats including Q4, Q8, SQ and both Vanguard and King had CD-4 releases in Japan. Enjoy CB


Release: CB070

Source: Q8



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3 Responses to Joan Baez – Hits/Greatest & Others

  1. I’ve always appreciated her more than I wanted to listen to her. I like people who write and sing, not just sing. And, she is an amazing singer with an angelic voice. I met her once at a Dylan concert. One of the highlights for that evening (another was that my seat was right in front of Cher’s… Although I saw her in the wings backstage later in the show).

    As for the recording; excellent both for the rip and the mix. The classic 70’s rock mix was to put a lot of volume in the back speakers. I like that style since it brings back memories of driving around in cars with the speakers only behind you. This mix, though, has a more balanced mix with some very discrete moments. The choir is mainly in the back as are some specific instruments throughout the album. Again, lots of fun listening to it. Keep ’em comin’ Capt’n.

  2. oxforddickie says:

    I enjoyed this a lot more than i expected too, to the point of hearing one song for the first time that made me sit up and take notice. I think i’ll have to give her material another try, but thanks Captain for making available something that i wouldn’t have thought to try.

    • Glad you found this enjoyable and gave you notice. With Joan Baez most folks have a love or hate reaction to her style with no gray area. Since my introduction to her, from her performance at Woodstock, I fell on one side of that fence. With time and maturity I now find myself on the other side with an appreciation for her music.

      Consider this a small payback for the many titles that you have brought to my attention via D-SQA-II that otherwise I would never have heard. Thank you as well.

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