The Famley Guitar Band – Circles

The Famley Guitar Band - Circles CB024 front


While doing some housekeeping the Captain noticed two holes in the CB Catalog. This CB024 fills one of those slots with CB018 still being awol. Continuing ‘The Famley Guitar Band’ series this is the 5th and next to last release from this instrumental group. You will notice this is posted as a freebie. Periodically freebie releases will be posted to CBQW.  These freebies will be made available to supporters who have made a prior donation towards the support and maintenance of CBQW.  An email with a link to Captain Beyond ‘s Freebie folder will be sent to all supporters who have made a prior donation. I wish to thank everyone and as always enjoy. CB

Release: CB024

Source: Q4


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  1. zaphod2359 says:

    Thanks so much!

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