Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Bachman-Turner Overdrive II

Released in 1973 BTO’s second album reached number four on the charts and contains two top twenty songs. Both ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ and ‘Let It Ride’ reached number three in their homeland of Canada. The three brothers Randy, Tim and Robbie along with Fred Turner formed BTO and according to Wikipedia “BTO, a group that have sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide.” Now that’s a lot of records! If you are familiar with this album then the track order presented here will give you some concern. The Q8 release scrambled the running order beyond recognition.  Enjoy CB


Release: CB071

Source: Q8


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4 Responses to Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Bachman-Turner Overdrive II

  1. Owen Smith says:

    I enjoyed this a lot. Good hard rocking tracks. Quite a good quad mix, and no sign of any Q8 foibles at all. Indeed by a third of the way through I’d completely forgotten I was listening to a Q8. This is a great transfer, well done Captain.

  2. Glorious Captain thank you

  3. gleeksmirt7 says:

    Oh yeah! That kicks! Thanks Captain!

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