Bob Jackson ‘Boots’ the Sax with The Strange Ones


This was released in 1972 on vinyl by Audio Spectrum using the QS format and by Alshire on Q8. There is very little information available concerning this title which opens up the door for questions. Who are The Strange Ones and what exactly does it mean to ‘boot’ a sax?  My favorite is track four ‘Boots Bailey’ which reminds me of so many garage bands from the late 60’s or early 70’s. This one is over rather quickly clocking in at 25:12 with only nine tracks. Enjoy    CB

Release: CB072

Source: Q8


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5 Responses to Bob Jackson ‘Boots’ the Sax with The Strange Ones

  1. Owen Smith says:

    I can see where the comparison with Yakety Sax comes in, this is very similar in style. Quite a lot going on with the quad mix. The transfer is good, I didn’t notice any Q8 foibles and the sound is clear.

  2. zaphod2359 says:

    Looks like this is on Apple music under the title Studio 102 Essentials.Listening to it now,sounds like it might be fun in quad.

  3. Steve Gentry says:

    “Boots the Sax” refers to someone playing in the style of Boots Randolph, the famous American sax player. He was most famous for “Yakety Sax” an instrumental hit for him and I believe the theme for the Benny Hill Show.

  4. oxforddickie says:

    There is another question i’d like to have the answer to. The Audio Spectrum label’s output was mainly made up with releases by the ‘101 Strings’ orchestra, conducted by various known/unknown conductors, so how did this title, which appears to have all the makings of a solo album, actually come to be released on this label?

    Oh, and it was actually one of the last batch of albums the label put out in quad.

    • Good question. Wish I had a good answer. I can think of one other Audio Spectrum release that is not by the 101 Strings Orchestra. ‘California Poppy Pickers – Play & Sing Hair, Aquarius & Others’ (Audio Spectrum QS-9). Like the Bob Jackson release this one seems to be a solo album as well.

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