Buffy Sainte-Marie – Quiet Places


Released in 1973 ‘Quiet Places’ was the 12th album from Buffy Sainte-Marie. It failed to chart. By this time she was being blacklisted due to her anti war stance and support of native americans. This album was recorded in Nashville and produced by Norbert Putnam using the team that worked on Joan Baez’s Nashville albums during this time. The track running order on this tape swapped sides with the LP.  Enjoy   CB


Release: CB073

Source: Q8


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2 Responses to Buffy Sainte-Marie – Quiet Places

  1. oxforddickie says:

    I was first introduced to Buffy Sainte-Marie via (Sir) Terry Wogans morning show on Radio 2 where he played a track from one of her recent albums. I enjoyed it, probably because he tended to play things he liked every day in an attempt to brainwash people into buying it) and yes i bought the album, and enjoyed most of that too.

    Bought her follow-up album too, and regretted that after one listen. Oh well.

    So to the subject in hand. Mention of the album failing to chart made me think i was possibly in for another experience like last time, but i was in for a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed this album, so much so that i played it another two times before having to go out.

    I get the feeling it was a real attempt at making a ‘commercial record’ that would hopefully sell by the lorry load as there’s almost a track on it for every occasion (so to speak). from the twee to soft ballads to something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a ‘Paul Revere & The Raiders’ album.

    Quite possibly one of those albums that is better appreciated when her back catologue is being re-appraised.

    Mix wise there’s nothing to complain about, a good mix that feels right for the music, discreet and nothing jarring.

    So another pleasant surprise for the old ears, and one that will be on the living-room playlist. Nice work ‘Captain’, thank you for bringing this little treasure to the fore.

    • I think you are correct as this does seem targeted for the mainstream commercial market with its spectrum of styles. I would suggest Vanguard was still attempting to regain losses after the commercial failure of her experimental album ‘Illuminations’. Two tracks caught my attention the most. ‘Civilization’ with it’s quirky melody and the fact the message remains the same, perhaps even more so now. The other song is ‘The Jewels of Hanalei’ which sends the listener into a dreamlike state of transcendental meditation with its misty vibe.

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