Hans Wurman – The Moog Strikes Bach…


The 1968 release and overwhelming success of ‘Switched-On Bach‘ caused quite a frenzy at the time. There were a plethora of copycat synthesizer LP’s that immediately hit the market hoping to cash in on the craze. Most were ill conceived and revealed their production shortcomings. This RCA Red Seal release from 1969 is one of the moog records to come out during that period. I could find little to no information about Hans Wurman. He did have a second quad release on RCA ‘Chopin a la Moog’ and two quad releases on Ovation records. This quadraphonic mix was only available on the Q8 format.   Enjoy     CB

Release: CB076

Source: Q8


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One Response to Hans Wurman – The Moog Strikes Bach…

  1. Owen Smith says:

    This barely rises to the level of being a pale imitation of Switched On Bach, the musicality and technique on display here is very mediocre compared to Walter/Wendy Carlos. Everything is brash, “look at me” special effects and poor choice of pieces. They complately failed to understand what made Switched On Bach good. The quad isn’t as well done either, just putting instruments in various channels.

    As a Q8 transfer this is pretty good, the only issue of note is tape hiss between and during some tracks.

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