The Guess Who – Share The Land


‘Share The Land’ is the eighth studio album by The Guess Who and their first after Randy Bachman’s departure. The songs ‘Hand Me Down World’ and ‘Bus Rider’ were both lifted from the band Brother when Kurt Brother left to join The Guess Who. This album is discrete and contains several quad gimmicks.  It went to #14 on the Billboard 200. Transferred from a sealed copy of the Q8 which had a neon price sticker of $1.97!  I was not fortunate enough to get that deal but glad to have it nevertheless. Enjoy   CB


Release: CB079

Source: Q8


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6 Responses to The Guess Who – Share The Land

  1. Owen Smith says:

    I enjoyed this. A great album, fantastic quad mix which is very active but never out of place for the music. I’m in the same boat as OD, never heard of this band much before and boy was I missing out. The Q8 transfer is excellent, the only thing of note is a bit of tape hiss between tracks. I’m sure you’re getting better at this captain. Oh I noticed this is 24/96 which is unusual for a Q8 transfer, but only because my Oppo 95 told me so. I play all transfers with the “info” display up which shows me track times etc but also shows the sample rate.

  2. jaypfunk says:

    Killer. Another album I grew up listening to. I was born in 1968 and my parents and uncle pretty much had every current rock record that was out at the time. Growing up in the early 70s was the best time and the best time for music as far as I am concerned.

    • I suppose most folks feel the music of their generation was the best that there ever was. I know I feel that way about late 60’s and early 70’s music. The music of today will be somebody’s good times in the future although it’s hard for me to imagine. Glad you found joy in this Guess Who release and thank you for your comment.

    • Owen Smith says:

      Indeed, I was born in 1966 and consider the music of the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s the best. It brings back memories of happy times. But if I hear stuff from 1972 it means nothing to me. I’m sure the same effect will be true for every generation, whatever we may think of the current music scene.

  3. oxforddickie says:

    Listening to this has made me realise how much music i’ve missed mainly due to RCA using CD-4 for their LP releases. I was never able to get my CD-4 set-up to work without issues, so i tended to buy albums of bands i knew of if considering a CD-4 title, and here in the UK, the Guess Who weren’t that well known (well at least not in Oxford).

    This is the second Guess Who album i’ve heard now and i enjoyed it very much. A couple of the tracks made me think of other acts, which isn’t a bad thing, and i look forward to any more of the bands albums The Captain may have tucked away.

    • You are correct concerning the issues with CD-4. In my opinion RCA did have some outstanding artist and releases. Incidentally in my experience the RCA Q8’s have held up better than other labels cartridges. You hint at a few more Guess Who treasures still in the Captain’s treasure chest which is a correct assumption. Thank you for your comment.

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