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Humble Pie – Smokin’

Released in 1972 Smokin’ was the fifth studio album from Humble Pie and their first after the departure of Peter Frampton. The album charted #6 on the US Billboard 200. Stephen Stills wanders into the session after completing his own recordings in … Continue reading

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Harry Partch – The World of Harry Partch

Earlier in ‘The Sound of Music’ post we discussed the twelve equal intervals to the octave in western music notation. Do-Re-Mi and so forth. Partch found this system did not suit his needs and devoted himself to music based on … Continue reading

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Savoy Brown – Jack The Toad

From 1973 ‘Jack The Toad’ was the tenth album released by Savoy Brown. It reached #84 on the US charts. This Q8 cartridge was made available by rockysquirrel and we thank him. Enjoy   CB Allmusic Release: CB084 Source: Q8 Format: … Continue reading

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Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra – Chacksfield Plays Simon & Garfunkel and Jim Webb

Frank Chacksfield interprets, in his own inimitable style, the repertoire of Simon & Garfunkel and Jim Webb aided by arranger Johnny Keating on this London/Phase 4 release. Enjoy  CB Allmusic Release: CB083 Source: Q4 Format: DVD-A/V MLP/DTS/DD

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Buddy Miles Express – Booger Bear

Released in 1973 we have Buddy Miles Express with Booger Bear sourced from a Q8 for your listening pleasure. You can hear both The Electric Flag and Band of Gyspys footprints in this fusion of rock, soul, blues and psychedelia.  Enjoy … Continue reading

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