Savoy Brown – Jack The Toad


From 1973 ‘Jack The Toad’ was the tenth album released by Savoy Brown. It reached #84 on the US charts. This Q8 cartridge was made available by rockysquirrel and we thank him. Enjoy   CB


Release: CB084

Source: Q8


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5 Responses to Savoy Brown – Jack The Toad

  1. What a fun album! I know you’ve had to work hard to get this tape to play well so keeping this in mind, I still think it’s an enjoyable listen. I’ll be playing this one often.

  2. jaypfunk says:

    This was another really good one. I had only heard Looking In and Raw Sienna. Those are great but also had a diff singer. I had not heard this album before so this was cool to once again discover something new. I am also a big fan of Paul Raymond who went on be in one my all time fave bands UFO. I will now check out all the Savoy Brown records that have him on them.
    The standout track for me here is Ride On Babe. Paul’s rhythm guitar is really cool in the right rear. I will listen to the entire thing again when I have time.

    • Thank you for your comment JP. It lets me know that some of these releases are hitting the mark. Discovering old new music is one of the best things about this adventure. So glad you found this title enjoyable enough to warrant a second listen.

  3. jaypfunk says:

    Awesome!! You are on a roll with all these great releases.

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