Harry Partch – The World of Harry Partch


Earlier in ‘The Sound of Music’ post we discussed the twelve equal intervals to the octave in western music notation. Do-Re-Mi and so forth. Partch found this system did not suit his needs and devoted himself to music based on scales tuned in just intonation. He composed with scales dividing the octave into 43 unequal tones derived from the natural harmonic series. In 1930, he burned all his previous compositions rejecting the European concert tradition.

To play his music, Partch built a large number of unique instruments, with names such as the Chromelodeon, the Quadrangularis Reversum, and the Zymo-Xyl. He used materials including found objects like artillery shell casings, Pyrex jars, bottles, and old fuel tanks to construct his instruments. Here is a link to a site which catalogs with photos the many special built instruments played in Harry’s orchestra. Hary Partch

The music contained on this release is most unique and the only quadraphonic title by Partch. I would suggest doing some research to determine if this is something you would find entertaining.

I do believe the Captain has had a severe case of Quadrangularis for years or perhaps he’s just a carrier. Nevertheless here it is in four channel glory.  Enjoy    CB


Release: CB085

Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’



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2 Responses to Harry Partch – The World of Harry Partch

  1. Owen Smith says:

    So how was the SQ for this decoded?

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