Chet Atkins – Picks The Best

Chet Atkins - Picks The Best CB007r front


CB007r is no spy! Originally released in 1967 this offering from Mr. Guitar was re-released in quadraphonic format only on the Q8 cartridge. This example must have been purchased on the 13th of February 1974. Was that a Friday? Here’s hoping you have lovely weather. Enjoy. CB


Release: CB007r

Source: Q8


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2 Responses to Chet Atkins – Picks The Best

  1. What is the difference between cb007r and cb007? Are CB001 to CB006 new releases or same as original releases?
    Bob Russell

    • CB007r is a revised release of CB007 which had a chapter index point missing. CB001 – CB007r are not new releases. They are the same as the original releases found on DSQAII. There are (65) CB releases located on DSQAII. Those are being reposted here on CBQW to keep them available after OD shuts down DSQAII. Please pardon any confusion this may cause.

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