The Sound of Stereo Today

The Sounds of Stereo Today CB016 front.jpg


I wish to offer a sampler Q8 from RCA titled strangely enough ‘The Sound of Stereo Today’ or ‘The Sounds of Stereo Today’. It seems comparing front and back covers there is some confusion. Referring to a 4 channel tape as stereo RCA appears uncertain what it is. Fish or foul. That’s OK as it is 1971 again and hearing the theme from ‘Mission Impossible’ in quad is worth the price of admission. Everything else is icing. Your mileage may vary. Enjoy  CB

Release: CB016

Source: Q8



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One Response to The Sound of Stereo Today

  1. I think most people tend to dismiss Q8 compilation tapes such as this one. The truth is, many of them, such as this one, contain tracks takes from albums that never had a Quad release. This makes comps like this one a rare opportunity to hear some superb Quad mixes unavailable anywhere. My favourites are:

    Hugo Montenegro – Classical Gas (from the 1969 Good Vibrations album)
    Marilyn Maye – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (1969 single)
    Claus Ogerman And His Orchestra – It’s Not Unusual (from the 1965 album Watusi Trumpets)
    Henry Mancini – Mission Impossible (from the 1968 album The Big Latin Band Of Henry Mancini)
    José Feliciano – Once There Was A Love (from the 1970 album Fireworks)

    Thanks for offering this one Cap! 🙂

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