The Eric Burdon Band – Sun Secrets

The Eric Burdon Basnd - Sun Secrets CB021 front


Burdon did not want this material out. The tapes of these sessions were signed to Capitol and released without his permission and referred to as “rehearsal tapes” by the singer. Capitol, in their butcher mentality, released two different versions of this disc. A full-length commercial LP, and a ‘Radio Programming Aid’ which has edits of everything except for the 13-minute Burdon co-written ‘Letter From the Country Farm.’ Further research lead to an interesting interview of Eric where he relates telling John Lennon about a certain Jamaican girlfriend of his. Where upon John gave Eric the dubious nickname of Eggman. So now you know the Walrus was Paul and the Eggman was Eric. The original quadraphonic release was only available on a Q8 cartridge. This was sourced from a Canadian Q8 provided by fellow member rockysquirrel and we thank him very much.  Enjoy CB


Release: CB021

Source: Q8


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