The Youngbloods – Get Together

The Youngbloods - Get Together CB063 front.jpg


The title song from this album has a good bit of history behind it. This song known as both ‘Get Together’ and ‘Let’s Get Together’ was written by Chet Powers who went by the stage name Dino Valenti. Dino was the lead singer for the band Quicksilver and also, during the early sixties, a housemate with David Crosby.

Enter Frank Werber the manager of the Kingston Trio. The Kingston Trio performed this song regularly and released it in 1964 as ‘Let’s Get Together’ on their LP ‘Back In Town’. There was no single. Next the group We Five, also managed by Frank Werber, released ‘Let’s Get Together’ in 1965 as their follow up to ‘You Were On My Mind’. It peaked at #31 on Billboard’s Top 100. Sometime in 1966, to raise money for his legal defense for marijuana possession, Chet sold the rights of the song to Frank Werber. Then in 1967 The Youngboods release their version as ‘Get Together’ which was a minor hit peaking at #62. The song is all but forgotten until it is used as a public service announcement for the National Conference of Christians and Jews. So in 1969 the Youngblood’s version is dusted off and reissued. This time it peaks at #5 and becomes the song most people remember.

The song has been used in several movies and covered by many artist over the years. Jefferson Airplane on their debut album in 1966. The Dave Clark Five, Judy Collins, Stone Ponies, The Carpenters, Louis Armstrong, Ray Stevens and the list goes on. I guess Frank cashed a lot checks and Dino, well, didn’t.

This song captured the young Captains imagination and really spoke to him back during the summer of 1969. A moment in time is frozen near perfection and those very fond memories are recalled every time I hear it. I hope you have some connection too. Enjoy CB


Release: CB063

Source: Q8


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