November 2017 Review

Well shiver me timbers another month and almost another year has spun away just like that. I present you the latest monthly review of traffic activity here on Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole. This will provide insight to what the most popular post were for the month and indicate overall traffic on the site. Now the statistics.

Visitors:         416

Comments:     12

Post:                  10

Views:          1757

Top 5 Titles Viewed:     

(32) CB116 Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream & Other Delights

(23) CB118 Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown

(22)  CB121 Greenboard South – The Sounds of Southern Railway Steam Engines in Motion

(20) CB115 Love Story – Original Soundtrack

(18) CB122 Arlo Guthrie – Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys

Top 5 Countries by Views:

(1068) United States

(122) Hungary

(109) United Kingdom

(88) Germany

(70) Canada

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