The State of The Captain Address

Greetings to all. I hope this message finds all hands in good spirits and enjoying the music. I am sure you folks have noticed there have been no new releases here on the Wormhole in the last three months. The last release being CB129 Herbie Mann Reggae on January 23rd.

The cause for this pause of work is totally related to my poor heath. I began chemotherapy on the 3rd of January and my wellbeing has been spiraling downhill since then. Three trips to the hospital, two of those by ambulance. The most recent stay was nine days with a laundry list of medical issues. It was touch and go there for a few days and it was unsure if I was leaving by an SUV or the long black Cadillac.

I was thinking I would see improvement sooner and return to work on the blog without bringing my personal issues public. However I thought it best now to let those of you who follow this blog know what is going on and why there have been no releases for this extended period of time. For those of you who have sent material for conversion and posting on the blog please be patient. I plan to get that work completed first, just as soon as I am able.

I want to thank everyone for their understanding at this time and express my desire to continue work on the blog. I will continue to honor donations and request as I receive them. I hope to be fully functional as soon as possible. One day at a time. So many titles, so little time. As always enjoy the music.

Your Host,

Captain Beyond

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14 Responses to The State of The Captain Address

  1. Get well! Thank you for so much.

  2. joeerand says:

    Thinking of you, as I know all the followers of this blog are. Very best wishes!

  3. birdycat19 says:

    How ya doin’, Cap’n? We miss ye!

  4. Take time for you. I am certain no one here would begrudge you a nice year of mending. Music and us will be here waiting for you. And I hope I was not unappreciative of your efforts to find me Laura Nyro Eli Alternate, if Id known what you are going through, I would not even have asked. You tried.Just when you feel bad for yourself, think about Laura Nyro and the name her parents cursed her with. Laura Nigro.

  5. Clark Novak says:

    So very sorry to hear. I hope your health and spirits improve soon.

  6. Get well soon. All the best.

  7. Bruce Greenberg says:

    Just saw this post. Take good care of yourself. Sending you good wishes for a fast recovery. And thanks so much for everything you’ve done already. You’ve done way more than your share. 🙂

  8. SteveTuznik says:

    Aye Captain, so very sorry to read about your recent challenges to your well being. 😦 You are a shining star in the multi-dimensional music world and have made the world a more enjoyable place for so many. Focus on your health and getting better because that’s all that matters right now. The music and your fans will be waiting for you—–and for better news soon!

  9. John McBride says:

    Very, very sorry to hear about your health challenges, Captain. All the best as you focus on getting better – and hope you have a fast recovery. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  10. cutterneb says:

    Take care of your health. I hope all goes well.

  11. Highlander says:

    I hope you have a speedy recovery CB! Take care of yourself, this blog will still be around later. Concentrate on yourself first. All the best to you!

  12. We’re all pulling for you, Cap’n. Get well first. Then get back to the Wormhole. Thank you for all the music and enjoyment you’ve brought us

  13. Owen Smith says:

    Get well soon Captain, and my best wishes to yourself and your loved ones.

    I continue to seed the torrents and run one of the trackers for your blog. It’s not much but it is what I can do.

  14. zaphod2359 says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your health problems. I can relate as I’ve spent way too much time in the hospital myself these last couple of years. You concentrate on getting better, the blog will still be here when you feel up to it.

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