Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole is dedicated to the preservation of quadraphonic music from the 1970’s. Archiving this legacy format from the past, preserving it to modern media, then presenting it to the present and possibly beyond.

The releases found here are derived from several different sources with magnetic media being the primary focus. This would include Q4, Q8 and an occasional CD-4. Many quad titles were originally released only on Q8. The format offered here is DVD-A/V. This is meant to be burnt to a disc for playback in a DVD player. Containing MLP, DTS, and Dolby Digital making these disc universally playable on most DVD decks.

These releases are made available via DPR (donation per release). A minimum amount of $3.50 per release is requested. These donations help support and maintain CBQW offsetting the expenses incurred operating this blog. This would include the acquisition of new titles for future release to the blog.

Periodically there will be freebie releases which are available to all via a download link below the album artwork.  Now forward into the past!   CB