Jose Feliciano – Fireworks

Jose Feliciano - Fireworkss CB123 front

Released in 1970 ‘Fireworks’ stayed on the charts for twenty weeks and peaked at fifty-seven. This release contains five Lennon/McCartney songs with two of those being instrumentals. My track pick for this album is the Dale Hawkins tune ‘Susie-Q’ with the most recognized cover probably being the Creedence Clearwater Revival version on their 1970 album ‘Cosmo’s Factory’.  Enjoy    CB



Source: Q8


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Arlo Guthrie – Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys

Arlo Guthrie – Last of The Brooklyn Cowboys CB122 front


I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without Arlo Guthrie and a visit to Alice’s Restaurant. Either the song, movie or both. If you ever sat on the Group W bench then you know what I mean. ‘Last of The Brooklyn Cowboys’ was released in 1973 and is the only quadraphonic album from Arlo. It is an exceptional release with a large group of contributing artist and one of the best quad mixes I can think of. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and remember the city dump is closed today.   Enjoy    CB



Source: Q4



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Greenboard South – The Sounds of Southern Railway Steam Engines in Motion

Greenboard South - The Sounds of Southern Railway Steam Engines In Motionr CB121 front


Produced and recorded by Brad Miller this CD-4 album from Mobile Fidelity was released in 1973 on Warner Brothers records (BS4 2751). It was also released the year before on Mobile Fidelity records (MF 402) and again in 1975 on Songbird records (SB4-4502). As the title suggest it is a series of field recordings of Southern Railway steam engines traveling to destinations throughout the southeastern part of the United States. Thirty-nine minutes of huffing, puffing and chugging along with whistles and bells as requested by jaypfunk.     Enjoy    CB



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Tammy Wynette and George Jones – We Go Together

Tammy Wynette and George Jones - We Go Together CB120 front

Duet from the latin duo means two. So with that thought in mind I present for your listening pleasure a second duet to complete the pair. Released in 1971 on Epic records ‘We Go Together’ was the first duet album by country music artists George Jones and Tammy Wynette who were married at the time. The album rose to number three on the country albums chart. My track pick on this record is ‘Living on Easy Street’ with the title track ‘We Go Together’ coming in a strong second place.    Enjoy    CB



Source: Q8


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Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton – We Found It

Porter Wagoner Dolly Parton - We Found It CB119 front

Recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville and released in 1973 ‘We Found It’ was the ninth duet album by this country music duo.  It peaked at number twenty on the US country album chart and the single ‘We Found It’ reached number thirty on the country singles chart.

Have very fond memories growing up watching this hit syndicated television show every week. Who can forget Speck Rhodes whom Dolly referred to as her little Leprechaun. My track pick for this album is  ‘Satan’s River’.  This is a quick record clocking in at just over twenty-four minutes. This Q8 cartridge was provided by Simon A from MoonStarStudios for our listening pleasure and we thank him for his generosity.   Enjoy     CB



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Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown CB118 front


Released in 1974 on Reprise records this was Gordon Lightfoot’s tenth album and his most successful commercially . It reached number one in the US on the pop chart. The album marked the pinnacle of Lightfoot’s acoustic folk-country blend before he embarked on an increased use of electronic instruments. Two singles charted from the album, the title track ‘Sundown’ reached number one and ‘Carefree Highway’ peaked at number ten. Nick De Caro adds accordion, horns, orchestration, piano and strings to several tracks while Jim Gordon adds percussion and drums.  Enjoy     CB



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The Mystic Moods – Clear Light

The Mystic Moods – Clear Light CB117 front

Brad Miller, the creator of The Mystic Moods Orchestra, was devoted to capturing sound as accurately as possible, and was particularly inspired by the sounds of railroads and nature. Miller formed the Mobile Fidelity Records label to release his recordings of steam locomotives and thunderstorms. A late-night San Francisco DJ played one of Miller’s albums and an easy listening album simultaneously on the air. Receiving positive reaction the concept of The Mystic Moods Orchestra was formed  blending Mantovani-esque orchestral instrumentals and Miller’s recordings of rain, thunder, and trains.

The album cover art and provocative titles made it clear that the music was intended for romance and seduction.  For example the album ‘Erogenous’  inner sleeve features a blurry photo of a nude couple and another album included a free pair of panties. On the Warner Brothers label Mobile Fidelity also released recordings on CD-4  with titles such as ‘Greenboard South – The Sounds of Southern Railway Steam Engines In Motion’ and ‘Last Train To Waterloo – Actual Sounds From The Reader Railroad’.

After the demise of the CD-4 quadraphonic format Miller acquired the JVC half-speed  cutting equipment and founded the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in the late 70’s. Their Original Master Recording series produced albums with pristine sound quality from original masters tapes.  It is reported that the only time Beatles master tapes have left Abbey Road was for use by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. These MFSL audiophile albums are now highly sought after and demand high prices. Mobile Fidelity however didn’t weather the recording industry’s switch from vinyl to CD even though it did release a gold CD series. Ultimately, it went out of business in 1999. In 2001 Jim Davis of Music Direct in Chicago purchases the proprietary mastering chain and all intellectual property associated with the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab name. The good news is they are still producing and selling MFSL LP’s and CD’s.       Enjoy   CB


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Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream & Other Delights

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream CB116 front

Released in 1965 on A&M records the fourth album from Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass was a monumental hit. A snapshot of the 60’s would be incomplete without its inclusion. The album sold over six million copies and peaked at number one on Billboard’s Pop album chart. It won four Grammys including record of the year for ‘A Taste of Honey’.

This album seems to have a life of it’s own. As I recall back then everyone’s parents had a copy in their collection. Even to this day this album always seems to show up wherever you look at records.  As a ten year old boy in 1965 I was most concerned about the model on the cover, Dolores Erickson. I must say I spent some time imagining a peek under the whipped cream assuming it must be the other delights which they were referring to. This Q8 was graciously provided by joeerand for our pleasure and we thank him for the share.     Enjoy  CB


Release: CB116

Source: Q8


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Love Story – Original Soundtrack

Love Story - Original Soundtrack CB115 front

Ah ‘Love Story’ what can I say…    where do I begin? The whole phenomena that sprang from this 1970 movie and especially the music permeated the conscience of an entire generation. If you were alive then you should recall that you could not escape the tune. It was everywhere. The Love symbol was on pillows, posters,  mugs, greeting cards and a variety of merchandise. The film was nominated for seven academy awards winning one for best music, original score for Francis Lai. Love means never having to say you’re sorry or so they say.      Enjoy  CB



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October 2017 Review

Greetings fellow quad enthusiast. I would like to offer you, the members of this group, a monthly review of activity here on Captain Beyond’s Quadraphonic Wormhole. Hopefully this will provide insight to what was most popular for the month and indicate the traffic on the site. So without further ado I present you the statistics.

Visitors:         439

Comments:     13

Post:                   7

Views:          1907

Top 5 Titles Viewed:     

(42) CB113 Paul Kantner Grace Slick – Sunfighter

(41) CB110 Grand Funk – We’re An American Band

(33)  CB114 Dave Mason – Dave Mason

(28) CB111 Poco – Seven

(14) CB088 Billy Preston – Music Is My Life

Top 5 Countries by Views:

(1170) United States

(190) Canada

(118) Hungary

(85) United Kingdom

(73) Germany

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