Paul Kantner Grace Slick – Sunfighter

Paul Kantner Grace Slick - Sunfighter CB113 front


Recorded at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco and distributed by RCA ‘Sunfighter’ was the second album released on Jefferson Airplane’s own vanity label Grunt . ‘Bark’ being the first release in September followed by ‘Sunfighter’ in November and ‘Papa John Creach’ in December of 1971. All available in quad 8 cartridge. Many prominent bay area musicians appear on this album including Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, Graham Nash and The Tower of Power horns. As you may have guessed the infant pictured on the cover is the daughter of Grace Slick and Paul Kantner, China Wing Kantner who turned 46 this past January. Included for your reference and pleasure is the Libretto Booklet originally packaged with the vinyl LP.

I have wanted to post this album for several years now but only had a Q8 which was slightly damaged. Have been looking for a better copy for a long time now but none have become available so I decided to release this as is. The tape is damaged and will appear here with two spots of slight distortion. If you can not accept anything less than perfection then I suggest you avoid this release.    Enjoy     CB



Source: Q8


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4 Responses to Paul Kantner Grace Slick – Sunfighter

  1. rockysquirrel says:

    I have noticed a few differences between this release and the stereo version. Diana 1 has an extra verse spliced-in, and the segue into the next song, Sunfighter, was eliminated. There are long spaces between the songs on Track 1 of the tape, probably to bring it close to track 2 in timing. Diana 2 had synthesizes at the end on the stereo version which were eliminated, as was the segue into the next song. There are also some slight differences in the vocals on some songs. Jefferson Airplane seemed to like to make their quad releases different.
    I didn’t know this was released in quad, and I am grateful to hear it despite the wrinkled tape in places. Thank you, Captain, for reproducing the booklet. It wasn’t included on the CD release.
    Since was released in quad, I have to wonder if Long John Silver, Baron Von Toolbooth, or Manhole might have had quad mixes.

    • Thank you Rocky for your insightful and informative comparison of the ‘Sunfighter’ LP with the quad cartridge. There does seem to be quite a bit of difference between the two. It does make one ponder if quad mixes were prepared for the three Grunt releases you mentioned. In particular ‘Baron von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun’ would be most interesting to hear in quad. Thank you for you comment.

    • birdycat19 says:

      FYI related quad releases: JA GRUNT, VOLUNTEERS (lots of different mixing choices on that one), WORST (ditto), BARK, three Hot Tuna titles, three Starships, Papa John Creach and sadly only SUNFIGHTER from Paul & company.

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