Survey Says….

Offered for your perusal are the results from the September 16th survey ‘What Do You Think About It?’. I want to thank all those who participated and took the time to answer the questions.

How would you describe your visits to CBQW?                                                                     79%  I visit the site regularly and follow via email alerts                                                              18%  I rarely visit the site but do follow via email alerts                                                                3%  I rarely visit the site and do not follow

What do you think about the mix of artist and musical styles released on CBQW?

100% The titles offered are a good mix of styles and artist representing most genres                       The titles offered are boring and of little interest to me

How do you feel about donating for the titles released on CBQW?                                      97%  I don’t mind donating for releases and supporting CBQW                                                    3%  I think the releases should be free and hesitate to donate

Describe the status of your quad collection                                                                                  3% I already have all the quad titles that interest me                                                                  97% I am adding to my quad collection and seeking additional titles

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